Hungary: From illiberal democracy to pornography. Viktor Orban speaks.

Viktor Orban Hungary GDP

The prime ministers of Visegrad countries (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic) were participating in a Q & A session at the Globsec 2015 conference. Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban managed to embrace reference to pornography, Christianity and family making in his answers. He also referred to Hungarians as discussion addicts (more about the all […]

Anti-Immigration Billboard Campaign – If you come to Hungary…

Billboard apologizing for the prime minister Orbán

Hungary has been over the past month struggling with a huge influx of refugees that amount up on average to 400 people/day. Being the gateway to Schengen zone, while it is being encompassed by 4 non-Schengen countries (Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia). Guarding more than 1000 km has become lately more and more demanding. Hungarian Prime […]