About me

I am Czech and everybody calls me Katechka.

As I was not very fond of our president and societal development in the Czech republic, I decided to emigrate from the country and I currently live in Budapest. Not that everything would be much better, nicer and shinier here, but I do not speak Hungarian on such a level to follow and get pested by politics 🙂

Although I am a polyglot, I did not really feel like living in Western Europe. There I would be a minority within a minority and I would be regarded as the Eastern European who wants to drain the country and steal jobs.

But why living in Hungary?

This country has a similar history and society structure as my home country. When I need a doctor or have my pipes fixed, I know how the system works. People are very friendly here and most importantly they do not look at me as of lower value because I am a foreigner living in their country. On the contrary, they consider it cool that I am Cseh (Czech) and all my friends are insisting that I stay living here, although I am now a freelancer and could technically work and live anywhere I would choose to.

More importantly, it is not that far to go home when I fall home sick!

Why do I blog?

I found out that the picture of Hungary is very distorted especially in the West, but also in my country. I felt that writing some articles about how it feels to live abroad would be a great idea. Then I realized I have much more to offer, because I do cool things. With my blog, I want to motivate people to do things out of ordinary.

What I like?

I love the sea!

Living in Hungary makes me closer to the seaside so I can jump into the car and within 6 hours, I can swim in the Mediterranean sea!

I love my freedom!

I enjoy writing, I prefer to deliver constructive criticism (yes, debating had a huge impact on me) and I enjoy being European. I love today’s world of the Internet, when literally anything is possible.

What I do not like!

I do not like mean people


Sometimes, you come across in life to really mean people. Be it the ones who are just unfriendly, mistreating you or are jealous of you and therefore they do not like you. I am a bit fed up with such people as they cause only frustration and as history proved, hatred never caused anything good.

And I do not like slot machines!

I think that there is in today’s world no place for such type of business. Slot machines never made anybody instantly rich, on the contrary, they account for huge financial losses and many personal tragedies.

What am I crazy for?

My cats

I currently share a flat with 2 cats, both of which are 7 years old. They are crazily tempting each other, but they are not the best friends either. It is enriching and fascinating to spend a day with them.


British blue tom cat
British blue tom cat with human like habits
two cats sleeping on the bed
Both the cats awaiting me to go to bed

Goat cheese!

Not much to add. Goat cheese…I love  it, if only it would be easier to get it in Hungary. Suggest me places, where to buy good and creamy goat cheese, please!


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What do I do?

I am a freelance translator. I have been doing this since 2004, I already translated some movies, EU projects, legal documents, transcripts for dabbing, user documentations and many more.

My working languages are Czech (native), English, Dutch and French. I am also able to translate from Slovak and Italian. If you are looking for an experienced translator, whom you want to hire directly, not through translation agency, contact me!

I also write for living (but did not become a millionaire yet and I think it would take quite some time), but I enjoy it a lot

I am also Data Analyst and Improvement Consultant. I can help you understand and interpret your data and assist in justifiable decision-making. Contact me to hire me as external consultant.


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  1. Very interesting bio. Congrats.

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