I did not get shot! My 4 months on the road in North America

Atlantic ocean Canada Perché Sugarlof mountain

The past 4 months were quite a ride! And although, I was planning to write about my shenanigans in North America, I simply couldn’t. There was too much to see, do, digest and experience that sitting behind a laptop seemed like a lost opportunity.

Don’t take me wrong. I still kept a travel journal – day by day, with geeky statistics. My travel map is also up to date. I post a pic or two a day chronologically to my Instagram account. I share Instastories regularly. But still, I haven’t posted any written account of my marvelous travels through the Americas. Nothing.

Let’s put an end to this! And since I don’t know what you want to read about, I am asking your help. Fill in the little form at the end of the post or drop me a comment so I can write on demand. To get you inspired, this is a very short flight through the first leg of the trip.

Niagara falls glass ball cn tower montreal mauricie
Looking back at the first 9, I saw a lot of water and quite some cities.

I started off in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Went for a day trip to the Niagara Falls.
Had a lovely time in Montreal, ate tons of poutine.
Spoke some French in Québec, and almost enrolled for the fall semester to Université Laval,
paid to see the whales, saw just fins at a distance.
Couch surfed for the first time.

Atlantic ocean Canada Perché Sugarlof mountain
I also saw the Atlantic and swam in it!

I returned to New Brunswick, and met some indigenous people.
Spent 14 hours waiting for a bus in Trois rivieres.
Saw wild salmon in the rivers.
I was also sitting two lovely cats in Prince Edward Island.

Natural parks Canada Banff Jasper Calgary chipmunk sunwapta falls athabasca falls colombia glacier lake moraine
Like it? This is just a fraction of what I shot there. Want to see more? Click it down in the questionnaire, let me know!

I had a horrendous Airbnb experience in Calgary, explored the Canadian Rockies.
Befriended many squirrels.
Admired all the wildlife in Canada.
Fell in love with Lake Moraine, fell sick from the British Columbia wildfires.

Banff Jasper National Park Drumheller
Visiting Drumheller to walk in the traces of dinosaurs was quite a special experience.

Saw the biggest dinosaur model in the world.
Did the Dinosaur Trail.
Gave up finding the centre in Edmonton.
Hiked in Jasper and Banff.
Got to see the glaciers for the first time in my life.

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Rode a bus with Canadians that have no car to Vancouver for 15 hours.
The seat was worn out leather and had no seat belt.
Got on a bigga boat to the Vancouver Island.
Had a surreal experience there.
Became a campfire expert.
Saw the whales on the way back.
Thanks to Canada’s 150th birthday – I visited 7 national parks for free.
Ate all the fruits and crossed the border to the US.

aberdeen kurt cobain memorial park space needle oregon dunes
So funny to see how the color scheme changes with the coming autumn.

Saw the Space Needle in Seattle.
Escaped to Aberdeen for some Kurt Cobain moments.
Rented an RV and drove like crazy from Seattle to Phoenix and back.
I was also running away from the California wildfires.
Had a blast in the Nevadan desert.

bagby hot springs las vegas sign horshoe bend death valley
I think I fell in love with Oregon. If you are ever around, go to the Bagby hot springs. Seriously, go.

Didn’t get sunburnt in the Death Valley.
Dipped in many hot springs.
Camped wild and wilder.
Got some Halloween spirit.
Carved no pumpkin.

New York Transportation hub Brooklyn bridge guggenheim museum baltimore inner harbor
I felt so small in New York.

Made it to New York, but stayed in New Jersey.
Found out that it is not the fireworks, but gunshots that I can hear at distance.
Voted in the Czech parliamentary elections (and sadly cannot vote in the presidential one this week).
Spent some quality time in the Homicide capital of the USA – Baltimore.
Went to check on Trump and saw panda.
Bowed to the Václav Havel statue in US Capitol.

fahrenheit hersheypark us capitol shenandoah tom yawkee myrtle beach
The truth is: the closest I got to see a bear was this stuffed one. Killed by Tom Yawkee, exhibited in his visitor reception house.

Did hell lot of roller coasters.
Spent a night in the city that ranks 3rd in violent crime, survived.
Found out who is Tom Yawkee.
Had an awkward Airbnb experience in Las Vegas.
Explored the strip and didn’t gamble.

las vegas strip seven magic mountains panda eiffel tower toadstools
Why am I zigzagging the country so much? Because of weather. It was totally worth it!

Went to the Grand Canyon and fell in love with Utah.
Touched the Route 66 to escape from it super fast.
Drove through the Zion National Park.
Slept wild with the coyotes.
Saw Backstreet Boys in concert.
Inherited a few fires.

joshua tree national park salvation mountain
I spent a lot of time in the desert. It was an amazing experience.

Witnessed a tragedy in the Red Rock Canyon.
Found out what U2 meant with the Joshua Tree.
Saw lots of wildlife.
Drove on many dirt roads.
Felt like crying by the Salton Sea.
Discovered the last free place in America.
Got stopped by border patrol and sent to secondary.

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Cursed LA traffic repeatedly.
Made it to LA twice and almost didn’t see the Hollywood sign.
Spent Thanksgiving in the Los Angeles forest.
Did the typical road trip on the West coast from LA to SF.
Got a crush on elephant seals.
Drove through a military base and didn’t tank.
Bought the most expensive fuel in my life.
Saw the most beautiful sunsets ever.

sunset california wildfire glass beach san francisco golden gate bridge
And also the tallest trees!

Spent three days in Orlando and didn’t go to Disneyland.
Befriended a pack of turtles.
Tubed through the springs in Florida.
Experienced some horrible driving.
Saw some manatees.
And a few alligators.
Got eaten alive by the mosquitos in Everglades.
Went to see the aftermath of Irma in the Keys.
Bought repellent and suntan cream and left for Central America.

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