Sziget Festival 2016 – impressions from Day 3 – classical music, Bastille and Manu Chao

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The first days of Sziget flew faster than over a cuckoo’s nest. The third day of Sziget brought new people to the Island of Freedom, who were even fresher than the ones who came for Rihanna. There are almost no signs of the rain from the very first day, and instead, dancing people are raising […]

Day 0 – Sziget Festival 2016 – dancing with Parov Stelar and Rihanna

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After a rainy start, Sziget Festival continues with a readiness test because there was a full house on day 0 with Rihanna being the headliner. The atmosphere here at the Island of Freedom is quite relaxed, and although there are occasionally ponds or two, Szitizens manage to jump between them quite skillfully. What did the […]