Rain at the first day of Sziget Festival 2016 – never mind!

sziget festival blog post diary die antwoord stage picture concert south africa

The first day at the Sziget Festival (or as some call it -1 day) has been in the sign of arrivals, bags, colourful raincoats, mud and happy faces of people who found out that the band Die Antwoord finks they are freeky but they like it a lot. The Chemical Brothers tested the party readiness of the Szitizens, and although people were quite wet and muddy, nothing could stop them from dancing until dawn.

sziget festival blog post diary die antwoord stage picture concert south africa
Die Antwoord at Sziget Festival Dan Panaitescu stage

A few funny stories to share with you:

The entertainer of the day is this young gentleman who tried bringing a backpack full of beer into the festival. Just for the record, there was nothing more in the bag, just the beer. When the security guard was throwing them in the trash can, the Szitizen counted out loud and was exiting the area with a big smile on his face and the words – I tried. Btw, there were 10 beers in his bag!

It is always very nice to see how festival goers can accommodate to any weather. Within a few minutes, they transformed into little mushrooms with transparent coats. Apparently, BlaBlaCar was the best prepared because they promptly started distributing branded coats and saved several people from soaking like a real mushroom.

sziget festival blog post diary queue umbrella decoration waiting
The golden rule of Sziget: if there is a queue, join it! Mushroom people waiting for…I dunno.

I liked the concert of Skunk Anansie although it was quite tough for the band as the rain was really strong and lasted the entire concert. Given the circumstances, they still managed to attract a great crowd that did not mind a drop or a hundred. I used to insanely love the song Secretly when I was in high school. Sadly, I did not hear it. I am not sure whether it is because I missed it or because they did not play it. Any fan knows? Leave me a comment under the article! I am curious 🙂

The creepiest moment of the Skunk Anansie gig was when the singer took off the cap of the guitar player and started to lick his head. That came as a big surprise and was having an ecstatic effect on the audience.

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Darkness, mud and the music of Die Antwoord make an explosive combination. Little pond right on the main stage? Might be boring for you but not for the Szitizens! It is actually a perfect opportunity to make brownish spatters all over the people around.

For many visitors, it always comes as a surprise that the island is so huge. So it can easily happen that you walk several kilometres every day. I did my first 10 km at Sziget already by 20:30! As my phone does the courtesy of making the step counts, I will update you daily on how I am doing. My little aim is to make at least 20,000 steps a day. The first day I did not manage (should have arrived earlier, I know). I made just 18,762 steps (13.1 km). Are any of you having their Sziget counts? Let me know in the comments below how many steps you’ve done during the Sziget Festival.

sziget festival blog post diary rainy day mud tent basic camping music festival
A little mud never killed nobody

There will be a total of 4 artists representing the Czech Republic at Sziget Festival 2016. I will try to bring some interviews with them. The first band I had the first chance to question is called Fúzy Múzy. To my big surprise, when I did my research, I found out that the band is formed by cool guys from Prešov aka not really Czech although the program states they are. Never mind, I said to myself and decided to do the interview anyway. Sadly, the band did not make it on time to their gig at the Sziget Festival (the distance from Prešov to Budapest is limiting, I guess) so my chance to question this band with psychedelic sound went bust.

The whole festival area is getting quite crowded and there will be full house during Rihanna day. Luckily, the rain did not do much harm, there are ponds and a bit of mud here and there but most of them are drying out or the Sziget crew put stones or some cloth to cover up. The program from Colosseum moved to the Telekom Arena. How you can find out? Follow the public chat on Viber to get to know behind the scenes pics and other updates.

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The best way to portray the atmosphere at the very first day of the Sziget Festival is to show you some pictures:

sziget festival blog post diary stage picture chemical brothers dark
The Chemical Brothers made people’s clothes dry
hungarian revolution 1956 anniversary tribute sziget festival music aeroplane aeroflot
It’s 60 years since the Hungarian revolution and Sziget Festival is also commemorating the Hungarian heroes. This year with an old Aeroflot plane, themed bar, Tower of Freedom, Hungarian symbol of revolution – flag with a hole and profiles of the revolutionaries
sziget festival blog post diary guardian guard security entrance
The guards, which one looks scarier?
sziget festival blog post diary szitizens vandalism frog green
The fallen hero of the rain and people’s thieving hands
sziget festival art decoration blog post diary participant festival goes summer music
Even the wolf head can serve as protection against rain. Szitizens have always been very creative



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