7 reasons to start blogging

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1. You are tired of commenting and liking

This is exactly my case, tried living in the current social media world by being active, but it stopped bringing me joy. Sure, it is important to keep in touch with people, but would not they rather appreciate if they could get a meaningful update from you? Liking and commenting actually makes people a bit passive, as it is just gone out of fashion to show off on Facebook. On the contrary, quite a lot of people are reading news and various blogs (judging from the frequency of my friends sharing blog posts). Blogging has gone viral, like liking and like commenting.

2. You have a lot of wisdom to share

From time to time, I am looking for something on the Internet and often catch myself ending up reading a blog post dealing with the topic rather than discussion forums, which are full of rubbish. Do you have a unique experience or did you struggle resolving some tech related issue? Why not sharing with the others? Or are you an opinionated unicum? The Internet would not get wiser if it would not be the users making it happen. Add your cent to the Internet!

3. You are a bored panda

You already read the Internet up and down and it feels somewhat boring? You kill a lot of time by meaningless browsing bordering with procrastination? Or you are my mother that won’t go to bed until she beats the computer 3x in row in Solitaire? Maybe then blogging can represent a light at the end of the tunnel. Many people say the don’t have talents for this and that, usually naming drawing, music, writing, but to be honest, this is just laziness screaming out of their bored panda, it is all about being creative and exercise. Malcolm Gladwell would have agreed, there is no master without thousands hours of practice.

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4. Letting people in

I started to notice that quite some many people were mentioning that I barely speak about myself and that I am mysterious person. This is not my life intention, I am more of life observer, quite introvert geeky girl, so running a blog would (and that’s one of my main objectives why I am spending time doing it) help people around me to understand me better, not a bad deal, he? 🙂

5. Getting to know them & having topics to discuss

Under them you could substitute whatever comes to your mind, I always aplaud when my friends start up a blog or when I discover a smart person to follow. Some of my friends are very complicated personalities, writing a blog is making it easier to understand their world plus it adds conversation topics, both of which can greatly contribute to a stronger friendship.

6. Improve your organisation and writing skills

If you get used to the habit of writing regularly, you would soon find out that the blogging skill is having a positive impact on your thoughts organisation  as well as on you verbal skills. If you decide to write in a foreign language (highly recommended!!), you would for sure improve your vocabulary and fluency too.

At work, I am receiving around 50 emails a day, I write around 25 to various groups ranging from my team to my boss, project managers or people from other departments. And although you can take part in business writing training, sometimes I catch myself re-reading some emails several times, because the content is poorly structured and misses clarity resulting in endless email chains full of frustration. Today’s world is to a great extent virtual, thinking that people are on the same page is rather a native approach as there are huge differences in perception caused by culture, level of English, stress, multitasking and many more. Blog to become a better skilled world citizen.

7. Numbers – earning money and statistics

There are quite some people that earn their living by blogging, this is not my case yet, so I cannot provide some useful tips on how to do it best, but the Internet is full of articles and blog posts (haha, I always liked meta activities, writing about earning money by blogging and actually earning the money in the interim).

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But what I find fascinating are the numbers that today’s Internet can produce, my first three blog posts had incredible reading rate across many countries ranging from Hungary, Czech Republic (no surprise here) to USA, UK, Germany, Benelux and even Ukraine. I could see what time and even what browsers the readers use and from which site they came to my blog from. That’s something for a geek like me 🙂 So continue reading and I continue writing, deal?


Originally, I named this article 5 reasons to start blogging, but ended up with 7. You can literally blog from anywhere, like me, this blog post was written between Sturovo and Kuty on my Kindle in EC 272 Avala.

5 Replies to “7 reasons to start blogging”

  1. Fab Ideas. They all certainly ring true as to why I started my blog.


  2. Cheryl @ ReimerandRuby says: Reply

    Great list! since I started blogging 5 months ago, I enjoyed everything that comes with it… there’s more advantages to it rather than disadvantages. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I originally started my blog as a way of my family (who don’t leave close) keeping up to date with Arthur. I then started to get more followers and realised I could use it as a way of sharing my ideas and experiences teaching Early Years which also helps me to keep my brain working whilst on maternity leave! It has also been great for sharing and reading about parenting experiences, issues and advice! #KCACOLS

  4. Great reasons to start blogging! I was always very interested in blogging as I used to read to read a lot of them and then I become a SAHM before my second daughter was born and things kind of happened after that. I haven’t been blogginh for long (only since May) but now it is something that I love and I would love to be able to earn from it. I also love the idea to be read by so many people around the world. This fascinates me really!!! I’m originally from Peru so I find this also a way to keep my family and friends up to date with your life. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I’m so happy to have you for the first time. I hope that you like the linky and that you have found other interesting blogs to read. 🙂 xx

    1. I believe many people started to blog to keep people up to date on what is happening around them when they live abroad (and I have many friends who e.g. moved to the UK to study and they started writing a blog).

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