Watch me road trip beautiful Italy in the off-season – right now

Road trip italy itinerary

I am hitting the road again! This time, I will spend 12 days in Italy. Follow my shenanigans on the road, discovering the beauties of Italy in the off-season. How does it feel to tour Italy’s busiest cities in winter? How many tourists are there? How are the opening times? And what about the weather? Discover Italy with me:

Scroll below for highlights of the day.

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Travel diary from the Italian road trip:

Day 0 – I am constantly running out of free space on my iPhone – the phone solves it once and for all by freezing – restoring the phone from the back up at 4 am – leaving for Italy in 5 hours – number of applications in my phone when leaving home = 4.

Day 1 – arrival to Treviso – buying Italian sim card in Afro shop in Treviso – transfer to Venice – accommodation in Ville del Lido – heart attack because cancelled the reservation without refunding or informing me – solving the accommodation problem – dinner hunting in Lido – exploring Venice – getting lost and found in the Venetian street maze – searching for shop and buying some wine to have a blame for getting lost – going to the cinema – taking the boat back from Rialto to Lido – having a refreshing sleep.

Day 2 – waking up is hard – energizing breakfast at the hotel – taking the boat to Ferrovia – messing up twice with the boat – running through the packed streets of Venice – arriving to the train station Santa Lucia JIT – taking the train to Florence – accommodation in Airbnb on a lovely square – late lunch (why do the restaurants close in the afternoon!) – exploring around Duomo – searching for copies of David – buying food for breakfast – deadly tired – resting at home – writing blog – going to sleep early

Day 3 – my feet hurt – but there is more walking ahead of me – David hunt – can I see all three David statues in Florence before leaving? – seeing the first David at its original spot in front of the Florence town hall – even more tourists – the city is really packed – long queue for Accademia Gallery and for the Duomo too – lunch in Foccaceria – waiting in the toilet queue for 15 min, but nobody came out – going for a free walking tour – enjoying sunset at the Piazzale Michelangelo – seeing the second David statue, bronze edition – resting at Airbnb home – playing with Lilly – dinner time in Osteria Santo Spirito – sleeping time again.

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Day 4 – getting up early to see the original David statue in Galeria Accademia – standing in a queue for 2 hours – to just spend 50 minutes inside – falling in love with the real David – Michelangelo was a genius – picking up luggage – getting lost in Florence – finding the new market hall of Florence – eating quick lunch at the first floor of the market hall – divine pizza – incredibly pulsating and busy place – catching train to Arezzo – writing a blog post about Florence – trying to find a place to eat – everything is fully booked, surprisingly – enjoying the New Years Eve with the locals – going to sleep before 1 am with a good feeling.

Day 5 getting up before alarm clock – having a lovely Panettone for breakfast done by my host – exploring the old town of Arezzo – getting a lovely wire brooch with my name from a local artist – catching a train to Rome – Tuscany is so beautiful! – arriving to Rome – the city looks like after a hangover – arriving to Cohome – grabbing a coffee – walking downtown to see Fountain of Trevi and Spanish steps – catching heaps of Pokémon – eating in il Mercato Centrale – drinking some red wine – making my own bed – zzz

Day 6 – sleep in day – getting advice on Naples from Elisabeth – discovering San Lorenzo – meeting my friend – chilling in park – catching train to Naple – arriving to the train station – walking through streets blocked with cars – first impressions are terrible – never judge a city based on the experience in the dark – grabbing fantastic Neapolitan pizza

Day 7 – it is raining! – change of plans – discovering catacombs of Naples – getting wet several times a day – spending 50 minutes waiting for a bus – I am an internal optimist – changing clothes – discovering Vomero – doing laundry – eating Arancine – chilling by the roof top thermal pool at the Renaissance hotel – getting annoyed by American teenagers who come to join – it was like 10 giggling girls and one guy who was the only one to swim – power cut made them leave – watching seagulls and enjoying the view

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Day 8 – sunny day again – failed to go make a picture of Vesuvius from the roof of the hotel – picking up the rental car – heading to Pompeii – finding a non-paying parking spot – spending three hours exploring the ruins – feeling amazed by the power of the nature and advancement of humans – trying to grab pictures without any people in it (impossible) – heading to Amalfi – arriving just in time for the sunset – small creepy windy roads – luckily I got the full coverage rental – doing some shopping – giving up on finding a parking spot – deadly tired

Day 9 – day in car – it is raining again – so no picture of Vesuvius from the roof top – I just have to return to Naples – I really love the city – headed to Pisa – driving on the highway is worse than riding in Napoli – going crazy from all those bad drivers around – taking breaks and pictures – soooo many pictures – having fruits de mer in Civitavecchia – arriving to Pisa – checking the Leaning tower – nobody there just few soldiers with machine guns – making lovely night pictures – arriving to the hotel – it is festive period so nothing is open – going to sleep hungry

Day 10 – waking up to discover that it is again a national holiday – finding out I am not able to return the car as the car rental office is closed – agreeing to return it one night later – making an ad hoc decision to go to Cinque Terre – exploring Pisa during the daylight – surprised at how many people are there all of a sudden – everyone tries to make a picture holding the tower or correcting its inclination – it is funny – getting angry that you cannot enter the grass – getting even angrier that the closest ticket to go to the tower is in 1 hour – deciding to hit the road instead – churches should be to pray, not to pay – riding through La Spezia – getting down to Cinque Terre – would somebody please explain me why this is such a popular place an a UNESCO site? – do not have this aha feeling – feels like any other Italian coast city – Amalfi was nicer – sorry – the sun sets right into the sea here – leaving before it gets terribly dark – arriving to Genova – finding a parking spot – checking in the Nologo hotel – exploring cold Genova – grabbing a lovely pesto pasta – feeling cold – nonstop

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Day 11 – bit of drama – rental office closed again – although it should be open – changing plan and going to the Genova airport to drop off the car – taking the bus to the train station – waiting for the devil train IC 666 to go to Milan – arriving to Milan – loving the train station – never seen a more beautiful one – grabbing an old school tram with wooden seats – arriving to hotel Leonardo – resting a bit – going to the city centre to see Duomo before it gets dark – being surprised again with all the crowds – everybody shops in Milano for clothes – I shop for books – grabbing a panini and Aperol as a good-bye with the trip – buying some Sicilian red wine and olives to call it the day

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