My rants: Stag Party in Budapest

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He was standing there in a pink dress, his dark hairs were going out of the white stockings, and he had a little crystal tiara on his head. He was standing with a little wand in his hand and was crying in English: “Pet me!”. At first, I thought that I need to help him, that something terrible is happening, and then I realized that he is not alone. There was a group of very drunken guys making obscene comments about their friend’s sexual history and taking way too many selfies. Clearly too much information! One would not think that friends would be able to make him so humiliated, but that was part of the game. The big drinking East European adventure that thousands of not only British tourists are undertaking with the sole purpose – throw the best stag party.

One would think, there is nothing to rant about because marriage is a right thing. But there is. If you read my articles regularly, you know that the second biggest city in Hungary after Budapest is London. This means that crowds of Hungarians live abroad and do jobs that often the locals would not be willing to do, or they fill in the gap in the labour market. The locals are not thrilled by that because they that do not like all the Eastern Europeans flooding their countries (to work, to pay taxes and to spend the money there too). It is so bothering that even the UK is trying to figure out on how to stop this alleged influx.

On the contrary, a lot of inhabitants of major Eastern European capitals have to witness the obscene behaviour of tourists from Western Europe silently, just because the booze is cheap and the prostitutes are a lot nicer (and more affordable) than in their home countries.

I understand that getting married is a reason good enough to do something big and wild. And doing this with your friends abroad is not the worst idea ever. I just do not understand why the people that come to Budapest, Bratislava, Vilnius or Prague to celebrate their last days of freedom have to behave like the biggest retards. Why do they have to shout dirty things at passing by girls? Why do they have to dress like princesses? Why do they have to get so drunk that they are not able to walk anymore? Why do they make mess in the streets and urinate in public?

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Do they not realize that the locals are totally not interested in their little prewedding romance? That they often have to go to work in the morning and, therefore, are not enjoying so much the crazy yelling under their windows? That getting up in the morning and stepping in the vomit in front of the house door is nothing to start a good and successful day with? Maybe not, maybe these are just exceptions, lost individuals that do not know how to behave. But if that would be so, why is there so many of them? And where do all the decent tourists go if not to Budapest or Prague?

This phenomenon got already noticed by the BBC’s reporter Stacey Dooley, who shot a documentary called Sex, Stags & Prague. It is quite an eye-opener. See yourself:

Is it such a problem or am I exaggerating? A recent case of a Ryanair flight from Luton to Bratislava that needed to make an emergency landing in Berlin Schoenefeld speaks for itself. A group of six passengers needed to be removed from the flight due to inappropriate behaviour and after landing, they were charged with misdemeanour and violations of German Aviation law. The witness accounts of passengers sharing the same flight indicate that it was a living hell. They inflated their life jackets, took off their trousers, started to fight with each other and with other passengers, wanted to break into the pilot cabin and were singing very loud. All this sums up into a fine of 25,000 EUR. An expensive party, right?

So my only wish here would be if people would behave like they want others to behave towards them (and if you think that yelling at passing by girls some dirty words or showing your body parts to them is the way to go, then I suggest to consult a shrink). I want them to enjoy the cheap booze, well tapped delicious beer to the fullest and the hospitality of their guests, but without doing silly things. Make your stag party in Budapest to be a memory that you could relate to years after. Not a cheque higher than the one for your wedding.

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I know my blog is small, but I would love to urge the brides to be to emphasize their future husbands that going to Eastern Europe for a weekend with the boys does not necessarily mean they need to get wilder than the tigers in nature.

And when back at home, I wish them a marriage that everybody lives happily ever after. Please come back one day with your new family for a more boring, yet traditional visit. When back at home, be nice to the Eastern Europeans, they do what you would not want to do, and you never know whose relatives have been tapping your beer while you were visiting their home country. All in all, being nice is human. And yes, please keep your snakes in your trousers.

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  1. They know they can’t get away with that behaviour back home- so they have to try and find somewhere else to act like wimps instead!

  2. Hey Katia, just finally caught up with your blog, this is a great article! Thumbs up!!! Csilla

    1. Hi Csilla,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback, I am glad that you liked the article!

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