Sziget Festival 2016 – David Guetta and the Magic Mirror

magic mirror queer performance flying tent

How does a Sunday at Sziget Festival 2016 look like? Well, like any other day. Except that you do not really know it is Sunday. It seems that people are no longer getting lost, and the Szitizens were lucky one more time because it did not rain at night. What did the fifth day of life on the Island of Freedom bring?

sziget festival art of freedom light installation robot
Third generation of this robot at Sziget Festival. I have pics of all of them 🙂

The Dan Panaitescu Main Stage opened up with a gig of a local band – Halott PĂ©nz. If you ever wondered what this name means, it is “dead money”. Don’t ask. I have heard them perform at the Lake Up festival in Komárno, Slovakia two weeks ago and was quite surprised that they have a bigger audience than the Slovak rapper star Rytmus who played the day after. If you wanted to pick up a Hungarian girl, this was the first chance of the day.

Rachid Taha threw an amazing gig at the World Music Stage. Given his act was clashing with David Guetta’s set, I was quite surprised to see so many people at this concert. There were certainly good vibes!


Everybody on that day was keen on the gig of David Guetta. It was lasting almost two hours, so I decided to give it a try and left the Rachid Taha earlier. The crowd there was massive, and it was hard to see anybody not dancing. I prefer to see concerts with real bands. Nothing against David Guetta, he is quite good in what he is doing, but to me he is always going to be a guy with a computer and hands up with a big smile. I am not sure how complicated it would be to bring some vocalists with him but then it would probably not be David Guetta, right? The accompanying show with fireworks, confetti and steam was adding up on the visuals so there was actually something to watch at the stage. Well done!

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david guetta mess after concert cleaning sziget festival
David Guetta promised to come help cleaning after the gig

As you know from the post yesterday, I tried getting in the Magic Mirror and failed badly. This time I did not want to lose the chance to see the Berlinesque Cabaret, so I left the David Guetta gig before the end to beat the crowds, and make it inside the Magic Mirror before the start. The name of the show was The Trip and indeed, it was! The Cabaret included funny stories (Berlin Schönefeld is indeed a dull place), amazing artistic performances (these guys are for sure made of rubber!) including a percussion to Edith Piaf (well done, Rémy!) but also a tribute to the AIDS victims (no worries, there is no hell). If you did not grab the opportunity to see any show in the Magic Mirror yet, wait no longer! Sziget is not just the big shows on the Main Stage 🙂

magic mirror sziget festival
I normally do not take sex toys to festivals but this time I did. The lady at the airport security wished me happy holiday.
sziget festival magic mirror marseillaise
François le Président would be proud of this compatriot! The Marseillaise with a percussion twist.
magic mirror queer performance flying tent
Flying at the roof of the Magic Mirror! Stunning performance
sziget festival AIDS tribute magic mirror
The AIDS victims did not go to hell!

After I left the Magic Mirror, I wanted to go check the Bloc Party gig but guess what happened! The A38 tent was full! This is the first time I saw the sign, so I had to come up with an alternate plan because as much as it is cool to listen to the music coming out of the tent, it actually is not as it is crashing with all the other sounds around.

A38 tent stage sziget festival full
A38 is full – Bloc Party

Luckily, the solution finding was not too complicated: Wellhello aka a band that has a similar sound like Halott PĂ©nz. I always was confusing the two, partly because they made the hymnus of Volt festival together, song called EmlĂ©kszem Sopronban. This concert was yet another chance to pick up some cute Hungarian girl, and if you are at Sziget and missing out on the Petöfi Rádio – Telekom Volt Festival Stage, you are making a huge mistake. The band was saying that they made the record of the stage in terms of audience! Well done! And a glove thrown at the Sziget Festival organizers because these guys are trending now. The concert was a great success, and the audience did not want to let them leave the stage. A great closing gig for my day!

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sziget festival wellhello
Wellhello broke the attendance record of the stage

What wil Monday bring? We already had work, work, work at Sziget Festival. I will be interviewing Kaiser Chiefs, if you would like to ask something to the band, drop me a comment below. I am looking forward to the Noel Gallagher’s gig, and I will go to my first ever beatbox concert by a Czech artist En.Dru. Fingers crossed that I stay awake until 00.20 when it starts.

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