Sziget Festival 2016 – Final Day on the Island of Freedom

The last day on the Island of Freedom promised yet another full day of programmes including the end show with Hardwell and fireworks. The weather forecast was also showing a giant storm coming on the Sziget Festival around the time of the end show, just like last year. What a coincidence!

I started off my day by checking out the Art Zone because so far I had no time to go there. It seemed a bit like the Dead Zone as many people were using this vast and still grassy area to rest their tired bodies. You could simply tell that being on the Island of Freedom can be very tiring. What did I see in the Art Zone? Check the pics!

Sziget Festival Art Zone entrance recycled art
Sziget Festival Art Zone entrance
art zone telekom arena sziget festival 2016 rocking horse art installation
Inside the Art Zone – the only place with some grass left. At the back – Telekom Arena and the rocking horse
art zone sziget festival art installation shade shadow
A conjunction of art and practicality
sziget festival art zone cage art exhibition
3 friends, 1 cage, art exhibition unusually on the ground
Sziget Festival Art Zone Art of Freedom
This giant dolphin has been reflecting a lot of light
Art of Freedom Sziget Festival Art Zone
Cable mushrooms that serve as seats too
Island of Freedom Art of Freedom Art Zone Sziget Festival
Flower Gorilla – shade maker

After spending some time there, I had to start writing my blog articles so that I can still enjoy the rest of the program. I found a convenient place to write – by the World’s First Mobile Escape Room set in a bus. It was a strategic location because I could see how long is the queue to go to Luminarium (longer and longer), and I could watch new people coming to the festival (yes, those with one day pass – those who look fresh).

escape room bus sziget festival
World’s first mobile escape room – in a historical bus Ikarus

I promised myself not to go on the Main Stage (sorry, the Last Shadow Puppets), and planned my remaining part of the day so that I manage to see everything I postponed during the Sziget Festival week. My plan was to start the day with a local band called Zaporozsec. I knew this band for around two years now and was quite surprised to see them in the line-up of both Volt and Sziget Festival.

Their song Mr Gorsky was a hit in local radios quite some time ago and my last concert of this band was back in 2015. In other words, I was quite curious to see how the band progressed, and how they will handle a bit different time of their gig and a different audience, too. Plans are to be planned, long story short, I realised at 16:15 when I hit “Publish” on my blog post that it is already too late to get over there. Bummer! Next time, sorry!

TEDx Talks Budapest Club

My next stop on the Island of Freedom was the tent with TEDx Talks Budapest. This is a novelty at Sziget Festival, and because they took place every day at the same time, I had to reserve a chance to see them. There is just so much going on! It would be better next year if these would start in a bit different time slot than 17-19 because there is already a lot of concerts taking place at that time. It has not been easy for the speakers to shout over the performances of bands that had an unfair advantage of amplifiers.

I enjoyed the talk of Géza Csire in particular. He is a designer and was facing a hollow flat situation, which he solved by making a seat out of his mattress. What a neat idea! It is a pity that they do not use them here on the Island of Freedom! I could totally imagine people enjoying those.

TEDx Talks budapest club at Sziget Festival
TEDx Budapest
Geza Csire design process
Géza Csire describes how he designs things that everybody says are impossible to make

I stayed for three TEDx Talks and left soon after to the main square of the festival with the flags and Tower of Freedom to breathe in the festival mood, and to enjoy the festival buzz. Soon, Sziget Festival 2016 would be a history! I took out my aquarelle box and my travel sketchbook and started painting the A38 and the Sziget sign. While sitting on the wooden pellets, I got approached by a TV crew making Youtube videos for Sziget, who surprisingly did not want me to be in the video (I guess, I am not cool enough). On the contrary, they wanted me to get out of their shot – video below. This is to the freedom on the Island of Freedom!

While still being disappointed by being kicked out from my spot (and believe me, when you start painting it is not that pleasant to change place because of the perspective), I got approached by a lady who wanted to take a picture of me. I was confused and said yes. And this is what I got! A printout of me at Sziget (with some people in the background) and a very old school frame. I also got it in an electronic form.

sziget festival
Me at Sziget Festival

My next plan was to get early to the Magic Mirror to enjoy Stand Up Comedy Show, which was again taking place every day at 19:00 (too late, isn’t it?). I did not regret at all that because it was hilarious. One of the jokes that I would probably never forget:

Do you know the ultimate proof that cats are smarter than dogs?

– Did you ever see any cat living with a homeless person? 😀

The announcer in the show also informed that next year, there would be a Comedy Tent at Sziget Festival! That is something to look forward to!

stand up comedy show sziget festival
In order: Naomi Hefter, Dave Thompson and Geoff Whiting

My plan was to do an interview with En.Dru and the Loser(s) Circus Company but I did not manage to get in, although it was pre-agreed. The security is tough. So instead, I grabbed the chance, and wondered around the Island of Freedom, said goodbye to my favourite spots, recalled some good memories of the last three summers that I spent at Sziget Festival. I also watched some opera performances on the Fidelio Classical Music Stage, listened to a few songs of Müller Péter Sziámi…and friends, went to the A38 for Bullet for my Valentine and watched the end show fireworks from the Theatre and Dance Tent area.

opera sziget festival
Opera at the Fidelio Classical, Opera and Jazz stage
theatre and dance tent visualization sziget festival
Theatre and Dance tent with a cool visualization at night
sziget festival concert blue
It seems that everybody was at the end show of Hardwell
storm sziget festival clouds
More and more clouds above Sziget means – storm is coming

Loser(s) Cirque Company

The last performance for me was the Czech Circus ensemble Loser(s) that was starting soon after the last sparks of the fireworks disappeared from the sky. The whole show started with a sketch by the beatboxer En.dru who was dressed as a flight attendant for the Czech Airlines (including black tights and high heels!). The whole performance was quite enjoyable. En.Dru was accompanying it with his beatbox skills and the loop station. The only disadvantage was that I was already quite tired. The show lasted 75′, which I guess is a bit too much for people that just survived a week long stay on the Island of Freedom. The show was however quite dynamic, and the audience was leaving the Theatre and Dance Tent overly satisfied, including me!

Sziget Festival Losers
Performance of Losers Cirque Company
Losers Cirque company sziget festival
Losers Cirque Company acrobats










Sziget Festival Art Circus Performance
I know this feeling – after 7 days of Sziget
losers cirque company
Losers Cirque Company – show is over, so is Sziget for me










Sziget Festival 2016 is over

This show was the last stop for me on the Island of Freedom. The next step was to pack the tent quickly because the weather forecast was saying that the storm comes soon, and the last thing I wanted was to pack a wet tent. I grabbed a taxi home and was peacefully falling asleep in my bed just one hour after the end of the Loser(s) show.

I was a bit disoriented when I woke up in the morning. I guess, I was missing the sun hitting the roof of my tent and the omnipresent life sounds at the Island of Freedom. Anyway, Sziget Festival 2016 is history now. I could be there thanks to the Reportér Magazín for whom I also wrote a shorter version of what you can experience on the Island of Freedom.

Next year, Sziget Festival will be celebrating 25th Anniversary! What will that year bring? Are you planning to come? Would you be interested in seeing how the Island of Freedom looks like after the festival ended? Let me know in comments below and I might drop by to make some photo report from the Island.

end show sziget festival fireworks
Enjoying the end show from an unusual place

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