2 weeks before Sziget festival – visit to the Island of Freedom

Sziget Music Festival will kick off in 11 days and as I am utterly excited about the week full of music, art and nice people from literally all around the world, I decided to make a tour of the island to see how are the preparations going. As this question was endlessly popping up in my head: “How does the island look like before Sziget?”


Weather report for Sziget


I visited the Hajógyári (Óbudai) island, which is the Sziget festival location since the first edition in 1993 on Saturday 25th July 2015. The weather was not really in favor of the best ever photography, so please excuse the quality. The good news is that the weather forecast for the festival duration is promising temperatures ranging from 25 – 34 degrees with a thunderstorm on Friday (Aug 14). So do not forget to pack your sunscreen, stylish hats, sunglasses and swimming suits. It looks like we will need them!


Festival venue before Sziget


I always visited the Island of Freedom only as a pedestrian, so this has been my premiere o drive to the island. You could say from the amount of metal fences surrounding the inner festival premises that the works to prepare everything have already started. The festival countdown at that day was 16 days!

When Sziget starts, there would not be so many fences. For the time being, they are used to protect the preparations and they are already guarded by security. Once the festival kicks off, the island would be entirely dedicated to it.

It seems that the very first thing that has been placed were the ToiToi toilets and various containers, which I believe would be the FestiPay top-up points. Thanks to their positioning, I was able to locate myself on the map of the festival as believe me, it just looks different than when you are there and the festival is in its full beauty.

There is always more to read:  Festival: Rock for People + Trutnoff vs. Sziget

So, if you were curious, how will this year’s Sziget look like – the map has been already posted: http://szigetfestival.com/info/map.

And here are the pictures of the festival venue before Sziget with descriptions:

If you are able to identify a bit more about the location of these pictures, feel free to comment under the post. If you are coming to the festival and do not have the ticket yet (or I just persuaded you with those blurry pics that it is worth it), make sure to buy them before midnight of July 31 as they are still cheaper!

I am planning to cover the whole festival with my blog posts and interesting facts, so follow me either on Facebook or on Instagram, if you do not want to miss out any line that I will write about the festival. I am also planning to post more related articles including the Ultimate Sziget 2015 guide before Sziget starts, so keep tuned and btw thanks for sharing!


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’]http://i59.tinypic.com/mtxvr4.jpg[/author_image] [author_info]Katechka is a freelancer, blogger, cat lover, debater and huge Sziget fan. In her life, she has been to more than 20 music festivals and since she lives now in Hungary, she decided to cover the Sziget festival 2015.[/author_info] [/author]



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