Colours of Ostrava 2015 – Day 2

colours of ostrava mining area

Day 2 of Colours of Ostrava was in the sign of omnipresent heat, endless sun and Kasabian!

We also managed to explore the festival area and close surroundings in a bigger depth. We were not the only ones who took advantage of the nearby shopping mall Nova Karolina to get a proper food and to avoid the heat of the day. It is always practical to have some purchasing options close to festival grounds!

When we visited Ostrava in March 2015, receptionist of our hotel was saying that all the small shops in the city centre have been closed down because of the Nova Karolina shopping mall. Indeed, the city centre looks a bit like a ghost town and the shopping mall was packed with people.

Camping site by the festival area

The camping site now got a bit crowded, but with still a lot of space to breathe and dance. The showers were without the doubt the most popular facilities yesterday (judging from the queue).

camping tents lights on
Surprisingly enough, although Colours of Ostrava is a Green Festival, the lights in the camp city never went off. But why?

The camp is non-smoking, which is rather strange as the percentage of young and less cautious people is rather low. But probably this is connected to the fact that the weather is very hot and a chance to set the campsite on fire are high.

Electricity and charging

The camp has some microwaves and kettles, good idea. Besides these, there are 2 fridges, but they were full yesterday afternoon. There are also cell phone charging options, either self-service or guarded. The lady managing the phones however did not check so much if the phones are already charged although she had a long queue of phones waiting.

Music and dance – Day 2: Colours of Ostrava

We started our festival day a bit later because of the heat, but managed to see Kasai allstars. To be honest, I don’t understand why it was playing on the main stage, I think a smaller arena would fit the music style better.

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We also went to check out Black Strobe, which in my opinion deserved a bigger stage as the music attracted a huge crowd that had to stand even in the turn. Agrofert Fresh stage was everything but fresh during their gig. This French band playing very lively electronic rock (or electroclash, if you want) was communicative and engaged well with the audience.

We wanted to check the Jewish dances, but it was conflicting with the highlight of the day – Kasabian, which we could not skip. The concert was great and I think the people and the band have enjoyed it very much!

The Jewish dances are a bit of a mishap of the line up, as there will be a retake on Day 3, but again it would conflict with a headliner (Rudimental) on the Main Stage. Too bad, I guess I would have to enjoy Jewish dances at the NGO Sziget zone.

industrial area of Colours of Ostrava festival people hot
The view on the main road of the Colours of Ostrava festival. Funny sign on the building saying: Order and cleanliness are the healthy foundation of life with a grammar mistake (instead of healthy, there is greets – in Czech zdravý vs. zdraví

And then, we were totally exhausted (damn you, heat!) and after an obligatory round of the festival premises, we called it a day. Because Day 3 will be very demanding and we want to be ready for it!

People of Colours of Ostrava

I am still amazed by the audience composition of Colours of Ostrava festival ranging from toddlers to grannies! All the people are so nice and super attentive. Although we do not speak Czech, we have people approaching us and talking to us.

jack lives here colours of ostrava festival at night
The Jack Daniels zone was a buzzing part of the festival. Sometimes I was under the impression that people prefer to dance to reproduced music rather than to real artists sweating out on the stages next door.

What will Day 3 of Colours of Ostrava bring?

We are planning to spend the entire day at the festival and our first gig will be Vasilův Rubáš (friend’s band). Followed by concerts of Augustines, Rudimental and Clean Bandit. Stay tuned for more of this year’s Colours of Ostrava!


Update upon arrival home:


Finally managed to update the pictures from my camera.


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